What A Difference The Lord Makes

What a difference the Lord makes

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw my childhood best friend’s mom on a photo, and I paused and just said Thank You Lord! I said that because I remember what she use to be and what the enemy had planned for her life… BUT God! I remembered how my friend would runaway to my house for safety because of the drugs and prostitution that was going on in her home. How she was saddened by the heavy drug abuse that was ravaging her mom’s body and deteriorating the life out of her.

But what a difference the Lord makes!! Some years ago, her mom gave her life to the Lord and he completely restored everything the enemy wanted to destroy. She has been clean and sober for many many years now and by looking at her now you would never ever be able to tell the things she has been through.

When we yield our life to God and let him have his way, he will clean us up and remove all the residue of sin and the world from our life. He is not doing it so you can just look good to those who once knew you… no that’s just a piece of it. He does it because he wants to get the glory from your life! So you can stand boldly and give your testimony of deliverance and say “I don’t look like what I’ve been through” the Lord has made a difference in my life and he can do the same for you. Our life is NEVER about us. It’s always for his glory!

Let me encourage you today by reminding you not to forget what the Lord has brought you out of. Don’t forget the life you once lived. Do not forget to tell others how you came out and who can bring them out! Always keep your testimony on your lips!! So that God can be glorified!

So people can know what a difference the Lord makes!

—Pastor Azalea


2 Corn. 5:17 KJV

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.