Check Your Priorities

Sometimes we have to sit back and check our priorities. What’s really important to us? Our actions and activities will show who and what things are top on our priority list. If you are a believer then God and the will of God for your life should be top on your list. All your activities and actions should reflect your love for God and the things that God loves. We can’t say we prioritize God, yet we don’t prioritize the things he loves. Serving, loving, giving, praying and worshiping. These are things God loves and so should we. Don’t let the pandemic keep you from loving God and loving the things that He loves. Make it your top priority to serve others, to love people, to give to the things of God, to pray without ceasing and worshiping instead of worrying.

Get your priorities right by making sure God and the things he loves are on TOP! –Pastor Azalea