Growth Season

During this time of the COVID-19 it has really given the believers an opportunity to grow. This time has proven that we are the church… that the building is just a place that we gather together to worship God collectively. This time has shown us our level of discipline when it comes to prayer, praise and getting into the word of God. Some have really stayed connected to the things of God and used this opportunity to know him personally without all the distractions of having to leave the house for work and other extracurricular activities. Some have used this time as a opportunity to grow in their marriages & family by spending quality time with their spouses and children. Many have used this opportunity to grow and learn a new skill or hobby. One thing I know for certain is that those who wanted to grow have grown.
If you’re the same way you were when the quarantine started, if your mindset hasn’t shifted concerning a deeper personal relationship with God let me encourage you to take this opportunity to GROW! It’s not too late to “Go Back Home” in your walk with God so that you can grow in the things of God. I know growth doesn’t sound like going back, but there are some times when you have to step back and cut back in order to grow. Go back to that place where you longed to be with God, when you desired his will over yours. Go back to the place when you loved the things of God and the people of God. He is waiting with open arms…It’s growing season! So go back so you can grow!
With LOVE: Pastor Azalea